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  • Fabricado en polystone – * (puede contener piezas en resina, polystone, PVC, metal y tela)
  • Pintado a mano
  • Figura de alta calidad
  • Figura Licenciada
  • Figura de la excelente marca de Iron Studios

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With his sharp mind, the masked hero protector of Gotham City thoughtfully holds his mask, revealing his true identity as billionaire Bruce Wayne, he needs all of his intelligence and wit to unravel the mysterious clues left by a fearsome arch-enemy known as Riddler. With his black tactic suit to fight crime, he uses his training and many technological gadgets, but principally his big bat-like figure to cause fear in the criminals. Thus, Iron Studios present the statue “The Batman Unmasked – The Batman – MiniCo”, with the greatest detective from the comics in the stylized version inspired in the latest Dark Knight movie in the theaters.

Replicated with mastery in the stylized toy art format of the MiniCo line by Iron Studios, over a pedestal with other papers with clues at his feet, it is an unmissable figure for Dark Knight’s fans and collectors. Revealed in the monthly virtual show Iron Studios Day on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel, check out also the version “The Batman – The Batman – MiniCo”, both already available for Pre-Order, see more news soon from Batman and the whole DC universe by Iron Studios.